Corrugated Rally Fans, 4CP

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Corrugated Rally Fans, 4CP are available in 4-Color Process
Corrugated Rally Fans, 4CP are suitable for outdoor use

Corrugated Rally Fans, 4-Color Process

4-Color Process Corrugated Rally Fans are popular for weddings, funerals, parades, sporting events and political rallies. The back allows space for a detailed message or for sponsors to place an ad for their business.

3/16" White Corrugated Plastic

Production Time: Approximately 5 working days.


Color Match: Not available.

Copy/Color Change: Add $40.00(E) per each change. Copy and color changes cannot be combined on the same order. Changes must be in multiples of the minimum quantity shown.

Art Preparation: There are no art charges for orders with approved digital art. Add $51.00(C) for artwork that does not meet specifications.